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Insturment Ground school courses begin each January, May and September. Click here for more information.



Multi-engine Airplane Training Course

A multi-engine rating is a key stepping stone for becoming a professional pilot.  Or, perhaps you are a private pilot and want to move up to the safety, speed and load capabilities of a multi-engine airplane.  In either case, you need a multi-engine rating.  We can meet your need. 

If you ever have aspirations of earning your commercial pilot certificate, consider getting it at the same time as you earn your multi-engine rating.  Doing so will eliminate a check ride.  No need to take a private pilot multi-engine check ride and then later take a commercial pilot multi-engine check ride.  Do your initial multi-engine rating in conjunction with a commercial pilot certificate.

Our FAA Part 61 multi-engine airplane rating training program is based on the Piper Aztec, but is readily adapted to other airplane models.  While there is no minimum number of hours set forth by the FAA for the multi-engine rating, typically 10 to 15 hours of flight time are required.  Unlike many flight schools, we do not guarantee a multi-engine rating in a fixed number of hours.  We don't judge your progress by the number of hours you have, but rather by your proficiency and ability.

The course is divided into 3 phases; 1). normal VFR operations, 2). single engine and emergency operations and 3). instrument flight including single engine operations.  Each phase typically encompasses about 5 hours of flight time.  If multi-engine instrument privileges are not required, the third phase may be omitted.

Estimated Cost:

Multi-engine rating renting school aircraft Typical Hours Rate Cost
Dual flight Hours, AMEL rental 15 $200.00 $3,000.00
Flight Instructor Hours 22.5 $40.00 $900.00
Ground Instruction Course Tuition     $100.00
Training Material Sales     $75.00
Flight Test Examiner's Fee     $200.00
Flight Test Airplane Rental 2.5 $200.00 $500.00
Total     $4,775.00