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Insturment Ground school courses begin each January, May and September. Click here for more information.



Commercial Pilot Certificate Training Course

The commercial pilot certificate is required if you intend to earn money as a pilot.  Many individuals, with no intent of ever flying for hire, earn their commercial pilot certificate as a badge of honor and in order to show their level of proficiency and skill as a pilot.  Becoming a commercial pilot does have advantages.

We conduct commercial pilot training under the requirements of FAA Part 61.  The hour requirements shown below assume that you have accumulated 100 hours of flying time while getting your private pilot certificate and instrument rating.  The instrument rating for all practical purposes is a prerequisite for the commercial pilot certificate.  Also, if you plan to get a multi-engine rating, consider earning your initial commercial pilot certificate in a multi-engine airplane.  Please call us to discuss your goals and let us help structure a training program that will meet your goals while minimizing cost.

Estimated Cost:

Commercial Pilot renting school aircraft
(based on starting with a total time of 100 hours)
Typical Hours Rate Cost
Dual Flight Hours, ASEL rental 15 $75.00 $1,125.00
Dual Flight Hours, ASEL Complex rental 5 $90.00 $450.00
Flight Instructor Hours 30 $35.00 $1,050.00
Solo Flight Hours, ASEL rental 120 $75.00 $9,000.00
Solo Flight Hours, ASEL Complex rental 10 $90.00 $900.00
Ground Instruction Course Tuition     $200.00
Training Materials     $150.00
Knowledge Exam Fee     $80.00
Flight Test Examiner's Fee     $200.00
Flight Test Airplane Rental 2.5 $90.00 $225.00
Total     $12,875.00