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Insturment Ground school courses begin each January, May and September. Click here for more information.



Private Pilot Certificate Training Course

Earning your private pilot's license is a goal you share with many, many people.  Sadly, many of these people never pursue this goal to completion, but with our help, you can accomplish this in minimum time at a very affordable price 

Our private pilot course is designed to prepare you to meet the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations, Part 61.  The basics requirements are:

  • Be 17 years of age (16 years of age to solo)
  • Be able to Read, Write, and Speak English
  • Obtain a simple FAA medical certificate prior to solo
  • Complete 40 hours Minimum Flight Time, Including 10 hours of Solo Flight
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot "Knowledge Test"
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot Practical Flight Test

Estimated Cost:

Private Pilot renting school aircraft Minimum Hrs FAA Part 61 Rate Cost
Dual Flight Hours, ASEL rental 20 $75.00 $1,500.00
Flight Instructor Hours 30 $30.00 $900.00
Solo Flight Hours, ASEL rental 20 $75.00 $1,500.00
Ground Instruction Course Tuition     $200.00
Training Materials     $250.00
Medical Exam     $80.00
Knowledge Exam Fee     $80.00
Flight Test Examiner's Fee     $200.00
Flight Test Airplane Rental 2.5 $75.00 $187.50
Total     $4,897.50